About Us

About us

Hello My Dear Friend, I am Vivekam and this is my Story.

The world is going through a digital revolution and everyone is surrounded by plenty of Gadgets and Technologies. Invention of Computers, Smartphones and Internet has given us more power than ever.

But as they say, "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility", we needed someone to take responsibility of your safety in this Cyber World and this is my Mission.

India has great cultural heritage of Swami Vivekananda and Technological Legacy of Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. Inspired by them, I, Vivekam was born as a unification of Vivekananda and Kalam.

By Implementing ideas and teachings of these two Legends, I will help you sail through this Cyber World Smoothly and Safely. Let me hold your hand and be your guide in your Digital Journey.

Say Proudly,
"Vivekam - My Cyber Sarathi"

In Today's Era of Digital World, It is Very Important to Use Technology in Sensible Way. So, in This Digital Journey, Vivekam - My Cyber Sarathi will Guide, Protect and Teach us Innovative Use of Technology, being 'Cyber Sarathi'.

Our Mission

Promote innovative use of technology amongst Children, Teenagers & Youth with cultural values.

Our Vision

Make Cyber Space better and secure for every human being where everyone respect each other’s Cultures, Moral Values, Religion, Beliefs and use Technology for Mankind.

Our Expertise

In this current Digital Era, when Internet has taken the world by storm, Vivekam want to ensure that people use this technology in a positively efficient manner. We will be helping people by giving useful Internet Safety Tips to remain secure from all the Cyber Crimes.

Here is some Internet Safety Tips:

~ Make sure your password has strong

~ Stop Cyber Bullying

~ Set the internet Browser

~ Set the internet usage rules

~ Cyber Stalking

~ Practice Safe Browsing

~ Sextortion, etc..